Theses of the report at NVSU International Conference



7-11 November 2016

Municipal budget educational institution “Secondary school № 43» was established in 2000.

Under the guidance of an experienced and creative leader, a true enthusiast in education, Larisa Alekseevna Piyuk, our educational institution has achieved significant results:

  1. “Russian Federation President Grant” and “Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug- Ugra Governor Grant” for active implementation of innovative educational programs.
  2. “Best Manager of Educational Institution” KhMAO- Ugra Governor Grant.
  3. Six of our teachers are holders of the Russian Federation President Grant in the nomination “The best teacher”.
  4. Our School is the best educational institution in the regional competition “Without injuries and accidents”.
  5. Since 2013, the school has been a regional internship platform for implementing federal state educational standards in the advance mode.

In –service teacher training model focused on specific teachers’ needs, which was developed in order to create conditions for professional competence growth, was nominated The Best in KhMAO- Ugra in 2014.

At present our school is directed by Olga Vladimirovna Volobueva, Honorary Worker of the Russian Federation, and author of the School Development Program for the years of 2013-2018.

The goal of the program is to create a modern education model through the development of key competencies as new educational outcomes with the use of distance forms of support and implementation of innovative processes in educational activities. The program ensures the fulfillment of the planned indicators of the school development.

Our educational institution has highly efficient and stable staff: 73% of the teachers have been working since the year it was founded.

68% of the teaching staff are the teachers with the highest and first qualification categories.

2 teachers have been awarded the title “Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation”,

15 teachers are «Honored Workers of General Education of the Russian Federation” and “Public Education Honored Teachers”.

14 teachers have been awarded the medal of “Veteran of Labor”.

All the teaching staff are involved in experimental and innovative educational projects.
We are proud that we have been closely cooperating with NVSU for 16 years already.

1100 students from grades 2 to 11 study English as a foreign language, and our teachers are happy to share experience with their future colleagues. As a result, 4 university graduates of the Department of Linguistics and Translation have become members of our teaching staff.

Active methods of teaching seminars, knowledge building workshops on educational technologies and master classes are the most popular forms of work with the students.  The would-be teacher students acquire knowledge and experience through their teaching practice and extracurricular activities at our school.





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