Why am I a school teacher of English?


Well, there are definitely some reasons for it. I have already been in profession for more than 30 years now. And I can honestly say I love every day of it. I love my students that keep me happy when they say “I would rather have some more English than have another subject”. They don’t let me grow tired and fill me with energy when I’m exhausted.

It all started with my passion to English in childhood, when my brother, who is 2 years older than me, brought an English textbook from school one day. I got so much excited and fascinated with it, that I secretly started writing letters, learned words and translated the texts. And when my time came to do English at school, I was one of the best. The sound of English is music to me.

I’ve experienced many great moments while being a teacher. The more I got engaged the more I enjoyed teaching. I love leading my students, stimulating their minds, making them creative thinkers. It is challenging and it constantly requires new ideas and a fresh outlook from my part, which is inspiring.

However, I haven’t finished my studies. I continue learning while teaching others. It allows me to expand my knowledge of English and develop my teaching skills as there is always room for improvement.