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 “Every time I see a play by Chekhov, I want to

chuck all my own stuff into the fire.”

 Bernard Shaw

Author: Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)


Year: 1904


Big Idea: Disillusionment and Darker Visions

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Отчетный концерт для родителей

Выступление театральной студии “Sunrise” на концерте для родителей.

Презентация Отчетный концерт для родителей

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The Monologue of Merilyn Monroe

Выступление театральной студии “Sunrise”.

“Монолог Мэрилин Монро”Андрея Вознесенского на английском языке в исполнении Полины Николаевой.

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Don’t work hard work smart!


Выступление в рамках научно-методического семинара “Инновационные технологии в обучении иностранным языкам: взгляд в будущее”, Нижневартовский государственный университет, 19 декабря 2015.


Dear colleagues, have you ever wondered what makes a student a good learner? Well, I am not tired of telling my students: “A good learner is an independent learner.” How to make our students motivated enough to study on their own and to meet their own needs?  I have been experiencing deep emotional dissatisfaction since one of my students asked me, “Will I ever get better grades? What am I to do to know the language better? Will I ever be able to be excellent?” To be fair, the reason for my concern is that inwardly I’ve been categorizing students into week and strong, capable and incapable of learning to speak English well. And there has always been some excuse for it, such as “I did my best. There is nothing I can do about it. It is our education system.”

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Learn and Act-2014. Sketches by Doug Case and Ken Wilson

Выступление театральной студии “Sunrise” на региональном фестивале школьных театральных студий “Learn and Act-2014”.

At the post office

At the dentist’s

At the shoe shop

At the travel agency

The man who laughs

Наша театральная студия представила скетчи авторов Doug Case and Ken Wilson, опубликованных в сборнике “English Sketches 1 & 2 by the English Teaching Theatre” издательства Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 2002 ?.