Teaching for development and creativity while working at reading skills

2 STAGE. Contents study: with 2 steps:

1. Interactive lecture-INPUT (explanation of new information). READING. State Exam Test 1, 3 level, “Abseiling”.

2.1.1 First, to understand the taxonomy, I asked the students to work in pairs and think about where each task would most likely be performed in Bloom’s Taxonomy: judge, label, complete, examine, imagine, translate, design, prioritize, illustrate, categorize, predict, match. (2)

2.1.2. Ask students if they can remember any short stories they have read in their own language. Do they like short stories? Why/why not? Do they have a favorite short story?

2.1.3. Ask students to raise their yellow, green or red card according to what they think about the statement and give reasons for their opinion. Anticipation Pre-Reading АМT method is “FACT / OPINION / NOT SURE” statements. The students’ task is to acquire the way of making arguments justifying their choice.

e.g. 1. It’s cold/sunny/raining today (note: start with something that most people would say is FACT); 2. Birthdays are always exciting; 3. A birthday cake is delicious; 4. People get disappointed if they don’t get presents; 5.Abseiling is dangerous; 6.men are better than women at abseiling; 7. Women are more careful than men; 8. Abseiling is spelled a-b-s-e-i-l-i-n-g; 9. Rock climbing is more popular than abseiling; 10. All extreme sports should be banned; 11. Risk is wonderful; 12.A sense of achievement builds character.

2.1.4. Tell students that they are going to read an extract of the story. Ask them to read the list of the people in the story. What type of story do they think it will be? Where is it set? What do you think it will be about?

2.1.5.      Ask students what they know about abseiling, where abseiling is widely spread. Has anyone tried it yet?

2.1.6.      Show them pictures of new vocabulary: a harness, a helmet, a rope, abseiling, rock climbing, introduces the following key items of vocabulary: steep, hide, to put at ease, admit, edge, waist, to thread. Ask the students to do matching.

2.Contents study (team work)

Initial Reading

2.2.1.Ask students to read the text ask the questions using two levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of six kinds of questions:

Remembering: How old did Anna turn to be? Why was she disappointed when her Uncle Alan turned up at her birthday party? What did he suggest doing? What was the present? What did Anna know about abseiling? What equipment did she use? Which way did she do abseiling?

Understanding: Tell me in your own words what you should do when going abseiling. What does it mean: “She put me completely at ease”.Find 6 facts describing Anna’s character. Describe Anna’s feeling. What is the main idea of the story?

2.2.2.      Multiple Choice Test. Choose the right answers to the tasks A14-A20. Justify your answer giving the statements from the text.


2.2.3.      Ask students to reread the text to answer the questions. Use two other levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of six kinds of questions:

Application: What would you do if you were invited to go abseiling? Would you have done the same as Anna? If you were there, would you scream with fear? How would you solve the problem of coping with the fear? Find information about abseiling and write a short paragraph describing abseiling activity.

Analysis: What things would you have used to do abseiling? In what way rock climbing and abseiling are similar /different? What things could have happened? What kind of person is Anna? Uncle Alan? What caused Uncle Alan to give Anna such an unusual present?

After reading work

2.2.4.      Ask the students to do evaluating and creating tasks.

Evaluation: Would you recommend reading the story? Why? Why not? Select the best passage of the story. Why is it the best? What do you think will happen to Anna then? Why do you think that? Rank the events in order of importance. Which character would you most like to meet? Why? Was the present good or bad? Why? Did you like the story? Why? What do you think the message of the story is?

Creation: What would it be like if Anna failed to do the attempt? Pretend you are Anna, what would have happened to you? Would you have tried it? Why/why not? Tell/write a different ending.How does the story make you feel? Working in groups make up “Cinquains.” “Put on” six de Bono’s thinking hats express feelings about the story making up 3-5 sentences or questions.

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