Teaching for development and creativity while working at reading skills

So, what should we do to stimulate students’ creativity? Undoubtedly:

  • provide a supportive atmosphere, that is  the right climate for the hidden “seeds”;
  • develop goodwill on the part of the teacher and reject any criticism of the child;
  • encourage for original ideas and statements ;it’s perfectly appropriate to say, “We’re interested in new and original ways you can approach these issues.”
  • provide opportunities for practice through organizing different activities;
  • use a personal example of the creative approach to teaching;
  • give children the opportunity to ask questions actively. “Thinking is driven by questions, not answers” (Richard Paul , Foundation for Critical Thinking);
  • accept “collaboration, diversity, the exchange of ideas, and building on other people’s achievements as the heart of the creative process”. (5)

There are different techniques and technologies that meet these needs and help solve these problems and one of them which is a relevantly new one is Active Methods of Teaching Technology. It is designed to encourage students, as well as their teachers, to think creatively, to experiment, to innovate and it doesn’t aim to give students all the answers but gives them the tools they need to find out what the answers might be.The “Active Methods of TeachingTechnology” is developed by T. Lasarev and I. Arefieva.

There are two basic technology components: 1. Structure. 2. Contents

The structure of the whole educational event, in accordance with the technology, is logically divided into 3 phases or stages, and related steps:

1 STAGE. The Start, with 3 steps:

  1. Initiation (greeting, introduction)
  2. Immersion into the subject (the definition of lesson objectives).
  3. Defining students’ expectations  (planning personal meaning of the lesson and the formation of a safe learning environment)

2 STAGE. Working on the topic, with 3 steps:

  1. Consolidation of learned material (discussing homework)
  2. Interactive lecture (explanation of new information)
  3. Contents study (group work on the topic of the lesson)

3STAGE. Completion of educational activities, with 2 steps:

  1. Emotional discharge (warming-up)
  2. Summary (reflection, analysis and evaluation of the lesson)

The Contents, according to the technology, represent an ordered set of active teaching methods (АМО- активные методы обучения) stimulating students’ activity and diversity of thought and practice throughout the educational event. Each stage is a full section of educational activities determined by the theme and the objectives of the lesson.

Principles of AMT technology (АМО технология- технология активных методов обучения) – practical orientation, play action, the creative nature of learning in a variety of interactive communication: dialogue and polylogue, the use of learners’ knowledge and experience, the team form of work,mental activity approach to learning, movement, reflection and self-assessment, all  senses involvement.

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